1916 Rebellion Tour

22440_284978579809_5467501_nThe Easter Rising of 1916 was the most dramatic event in the history of Ireland’s struggle for independence. The executions of the leaders after the Rising awakened a generation to the cause of Irish freedom, resulting in the War of Independence (Michael Collins), the formation of the Irish Free State and, as a result, the Irish Civil War.

This memorable tour will bring you to the sites of these battles as the complexities of Irish history are explained in an accessible and concise fashion.

Each of our guides is a renowned historian and writer with many years tour experience.




To book a tour or to discuss any other details contact Lorcan by:

email: lorcan[at]1916rising.com

telephone: 00 353 868 583 847.


The International Bar, 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2


11.30am Monday to Saturday
1pm Sunday


2 hours at an easy going pace


12eu p.p.

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