Ireland-A Survivor’s Guide

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Visiting Ireland?

Want a crash course in Irish people, culture and customs?

Ireland A Survivor’s Guide!!!

The 5 Star Tripadvisor-rated comedy show returns to the International Bar

The Show

Our show is a rollercoaster guide to Irish people, their culture, customs and sense of humour. Our sketches are fast, physical and very funny. The show is constantly changing so if you’ve been once come back a second time to check out what’s new. Among the sketches you may see:

• A complete history of Ireland in seven minutes.

• How to chat up an Irish girl

• Asking for directions in Ireland

• An interactive Hurling match

• And many more!

Who’s it for?

Everyone!! Our style of physical comedy makes everyone laugh. So it doesn’t matter if you are American, Italian or Chinese, if you’re on a coach tour or on a shoestring, on a stag or hen, this is the funniest guide to Ireland in town.

Worried about your English?

Fear Not! The show is designed to be accessible to Learners of English. We match dialogue with physical action which makes it easy to understand. Check out our website for testimonials from language group leaders and schools.


I had such a great time at the show tonight, You have a very complicated history but Niall and Sean made it easy and hilarious and now I understand it and I have a lot of crazy images in my head when I think of Ireland.

• Debs, founder of the award-winning travel blog The Planet D with 1.5 million followers

The show was a huge success with students. We were nervous at first that the language barrier might be tough for our students but they understood every part of the show and laughed all the way through, it is unique and highly entertaining.

• Laura Wynne, Language in Group

The show was great I came with a group and they all had fun, there was a lot of funny stories and very easy to understand, terrific show, fun to see, really worth it.

• Delfin, France


Venue Information

Venue: The International Bar,
Wicklow Street

Dates: Tues to Fri Jun/Jul/Aug

Time: 1pm daily, (afternoon show
available for groups by

Cost: €10 per person(discounts for groups and online booking)

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Contact us
Facebook: Ireland A Survivors Guide
Youtube: Ireland A Survivors Guide